Cosayach Io-Salts is a growing company with a customer centric view, clear values and supporting the changing market and industry challenges. We operates in the domestic and foreign market of Iodine Derivatives, commiting to provide the best quality process and service, insuring to supply solutions to our valued customers. Our Iodine derivative applications are found all around the world, in various fields such as food supplementation, desinfectants, pharmaceutical uses and among other specialties.

Our plant production is focused in high grade USP, BP, EP and FCC Potassium Iodide, using advanced production process via chemical reaction by reduction, resulting in a high performance processing of our raw materials.

We proudly follow our policy of minimum generation of industrial waste, with tight production cycles and a sustainable design in the process. While protecting the environment, we have strict quality controls for no cross contamination nor heavy metal contamination risk.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certificacion allows us to work under the highest quality standards, always focusing towards client satisfaction, and allowing us a secure and stable Iodine sourcing from our parent company.

Technical Information

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