COSAYACH produces natural Nitrates obtained form the desert. Our Nitrates are offered as specialty water soluble fertilizers, which have 100% nitric nitrogen, allowing extremely quick absorption by the plants and high use efficiency. Our Nitrates also contain low chlorine Potassium or Sodium, essential nutrients for the plants.


Nitrates are extracted from Caliche mineral ore at 3 mining production sites located east Iquique port, North of Chile.

Due to exceptional wind and solar condition at Atacama Desert, raw nitrate brines are concentrated through solar evaporation ponds. Nitrate salts are harvested and refined at Cala Cala plant and converted into Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate and their combinations.


Our water soluble specialty fertilizers are grouped in three families. Product presentation come as standard (powder) or prilled (granular).
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