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Iodine is a non-metallic chemical element that receives it’s name from the Greek word “iodes” (violet) because of the color of the fumes that appear when it is heated. It is found in nature in very low concentrations on the earth ground and also in the sea water and some seaweeds.

Most of the iodine produced worldwide comes from the Caliche deposits in the North of Chile, and from brines associated with natural oil and gas deposits in Japan and the USA.  Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and China are the other countries that produce iodine on a commercial scale.

Iodine is essential for the optimal development of growth in human lives and also in the lives of other mammals, where it becomes key for the production of hormones in the thyroid gland.


Healthcare & medical

Iodine compounds are used to improve the visibility of X-ray based imaging techniques where natural contrast is insufficient.


Iodine is used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for the synthesis of antibiotics, corticosteroids and other drugs such as antispasmodics and neuromuscular blocking agents.

Human and animal nutrition

The intake of iodine is required for the synthesis of the thyroid gland, prevents serious complications for example in pregnant women and young children. In animal feed it increases the production of milk from dairy cattle and poultry eggs.

Production of fluorine derivatives

Used in the treatment of textiles, leather and fire extinguishing foams, Iodine plays an important role as an intermediate component in the synthesis of fluorochemicals, these produce water and oil repellent emulsions.

Film Fotography and LCD’s

A solution of potassium iodide + iodine is used in a process called backlighting to vary the amount of light that passes through LCD screens. Almost all forms of photography are based on the light sensitive properties of Iodine compounds.

Biocides: herbicides, fungicides algicides antifungus

Iodine's germicidal properties is used for the manufacture of disinfectants, biocides, antiseptics and preservatives. These benefit a wide range of applications for living beings, consumers, goods and industrial processes.

Heat stabilisers (Nylon, rubbers and polymers)

Iodides are used as heat stabilizing agent in the manufacturing of Nylon. The insertion of iodides within polymers molecular chains help maintain the properties of the material preventing cracking under heavy duty conditions (up to 1700°C).

Other Uses

Iodine and its compounds are found in the most diverse industries: active catalysts for many reactions, used in the production of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic colorants, photographic emulsions, dyes used in printer inks etc...

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